• Leather Goods: The Vegetable Tanned Difference

    11/18/2014 - 35 comments

    We’re always looking for shortcuts, ways to speed up time. We eat instant foods from the supermarket and drive-thrus, exercise on machines that are built to shorten our workouts, and we multitask through our overscheduled days with the expectation that we can do it all at once. Some shortcuts are beneficial; many are not.

    Shortcuts used in the process of leather tanning can be toxic. Today we’re going to explore the many reasons why you should seek out vegetable tanned leather over mass-produced chemical-laden leather.

  • Agave plus Wool equals Handwoven Kilim. The Making of a Sustainable Backpack

    10/24/2014 - 38 comments

    The latest climate change data makes it very clear that we, the world’s keepers, need to start making some serious changes. Continuing to live as we have for the past 100 years may mean disastrous droughts in the United States, extreme heat in Canada, and an up to 50 percent reduction in crop yields in farming communities around the world. Without intentional change, we will destroy the earth.

    This is a global problem, and we all have to do our part to contribute to the solution. Here at we’re committed to preserving the world’s natural resources, sharing in the responsibility of the planet’s care, and doing everything we can to push humanity forward. One of the ways we’re doing this is by using agave silk in our bags. Never heard of agave silk? Read on to learn more about this sustainable treasure.

  • Handmade vs. Machine-Made Leather Backpacks

    05/06/2014 - 58 comments

    Handcrafted knapsacks are made with a passion that no machine can replicate. A leather artisan pours himself into his work with hyper-focused intensity, adding unique touches that compliment every stitch on every bag. Cookie-cutter designs, such as those you’ll find in big box or discount stores, and even on name brand shelves, can’t compete with the polished workmanship of a genuinely handcrafted backpack.

    What are the advantages of buying handmade goods over store bought, machine-made items? They’re not hard to spot.