How To Protect Your Passport When Traveling

Published on 08/19/2017

  • How To Protect Your Passport When Traveling

When on the road, your passport is your ticket home. Without it, you’ll have to log some unexpected extra miles and expenses to get a replacement passport, and nobody wants that hassle.

Keep your passport safe and your mind worry-free with these quick tips.

Use a passport wallet

It’s good to keep things light when on the road. Part of carefree travel means knowing where everything is at all times and not letting that load weigh you down. For professional travelers, this means using all-in-one tools like the passport wallet. When you carry a passport wallet, you keep everything you need on a regular basis in one, easy to locate place.

Keep it with you

When you travel internationally, never leave your passport tucked away in the bowels of your suitcase, in your checked luggage, or in the bottom of your knapsack. Keep your passport with you at all times. In the event of an emergency, such as an accident, you’ll need all forms of I.D. available to you. And since the best travel stories are about spontaneity, having your passport on-hand means that you can pull up stakes quickly and not fret over having to round up your gear and documents.

Store it in your front pocket

Pickpockets and purse thieves target travelers as well as locals so you’ll want to practice the same safety techniques on the road that you utilize at home or when visiting any major city. Keep your passport wallet in your front pocket, never the back pocket or in a separate backpack or purse.

Practice routine travel habits

If you get in the habit of putting a writing utensil in the front pocket of your backpack along with a tablet of paper, then you always know where these items are located, making them easier to find and use.

You should practice the same habits with your passport. When dressing in the morning and getting ready to leave for the day, tuck your passport wallet in the front of your pants just as you’d do at home with your wallet.

Lock it up when needed

No matter how nice your accommodations, always lock your passport and other important documents up at night. If you’re staying in a hotel, use in-room or on-premises safes. If you’re staying in a campground, hostel, Airbnb or other location, invest in a travel locks to secure your carry-on or luggage when need be.

Lastly, make multiple copies of all important documents and store them in the cloud, on your phone, and in your email. Scan the front and back of all credit cards, your drivers license, visa, and your passport. In the event you need to replace one of these items or call in the theft of a crucial document, you’ll make things easier on yourself by having a copy.


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