Why Your Next Travel Bag Needs a Square Bottom

Published on 08/04/2017

  • Why Your Next Travel Bag Needs a Square Bottom

Your ratty old college backpack worked for quick weekend getaways while you were actually in school, but that’s mostly because you were almost always headed home, where you had extra clothes, toiletries and other necessities stocked up. Plus, you had your mom.

Now that you’re an adult and you’re doing some serious travel, it’s time to upgrade your choice of carry-all. Every nomad and weekend warrior knows that all good travel bags have square bottoms. Ever wonder why?

Things go bump in the night .. and day

Travel is messy business. Not only does luggage get knocked around while you’re carrying it, but road trips and flights also upset your bag’s contents. That may mean the power brick for your laptop makes contact with your iPad screen. Not good!

Backpacks and other carry-all luggage with flat bottoms stay upright when you set them down so all the important things you’ve tucked away stay safer.

Durability where and when it matters most

Anyone who's ever owned a backpack knows that the first area to rip out, wear down or just plain break is the bottom of the pack.

Part of the problem is that traditional backpacks--like those you used for school or casual day-to-day adventures--aren’t reinforced at the bottom at the pack. The other issue is that normal backpack wearers are constantly setting their pack down, picking it up, setting it down, etc. All that rubbing, scraping and bumping against the ground takes its toll, leading to holes, rips, tears and a breakdown in materials.

Packs with a square base are made of reinforced fabric and leather and further made stronger with hand stitching. They are made specifically for heavy loads and use, and they are designed by engineers and artisans who know that you’ll be flinging your pack around and also placing in on the ground often.

Ease of use

When you tote a traditional backpack or carry-on you’re constantly searching for the handles with which to pick it up. Once you lay your rucksack down, the shoulder straps often fall to the ground as the pack tips over. The same is true of messenger bags, purses, over-the-shoulder luggage, and tote bags.

With flat bottom backpacks, this doesn’t happen because the rucksack sits upright, always. You can set your pack down and pick it up with ease, which means you save time and frustration.

For convenience and durability, frequent travelers rely on the time-tested flat bottom backpack. Check it out for yourself and see what a difference it makes.


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