Pack a Better Carry-On

Published on 07/06/2017

  • Pack a Better Carry-On

With airline carry-on requirements routinely being updated, it’s important to employ a few standards when it comes to packing a well thought out bag. We’ve covered some basics before, but with new travel laws and airline changes ruling the news these days, an update is in order.

Here’s the most hassle-free way to pack a carry-on for your next trip.

Read bag size requirements for your airline carefully

While airline requirements are similar, they are not identical. That can make a big difference if your carry-on is the right size for one airline but a few inches too large for another. Nobody wants to have to purchase a new (and very expensive) piece of luggage in an airport, right?

Make sure that before you begin packing you take a look at your airline’s carry-on size requirements. This step takes two minutes but can save hours of headaches in the future.

Pick the right bag

No matter how long you’ll be away, over packing is the enemy. Choose a bag that will allow you to bring just enough, and one that will have pockets or enclosures to help you keep things organized, well-protected, and safe from pickpockets.

Use resealable bags, toiletry bags or packing cubes

You can keep your clothes away from your moisturizer by using resealable (zippered) bags or, even better and environmentally friendly, toiletry bags. Inexpensive packing cubes can also help to maximize space and tame your OCD tendencies.

Don’t pack separate outfits for each day

Those who travel professionally or often know that the real key to keeping your luggage weight light is to pack smart, and that often means not packing five separate outfits for a five-day trip. Instead, bring along garments that can fit multiple social engagements. Black jeans or leggings, for example, can easily go from hiking trail to a dinner outing. Pants, leggings, and shorts can be worn more than one day and, if necessary, it’s always easier and cheaper to go to a laundromat than it is to pay baggage fees or overpack a carry-on.

Don’t pack shoes

Shoes take up a tremendous amount of bag space. Unless you’re getting married or attending a formal event, take only one pair of all-occasion shoes on your trip and wear them to the airport.

Pack things you don’t need to bring back

Books, travel size shampoos and soaps, maps and other items don’t need to make the return trip with you. Leaving these items behind during your trip will free up a bit of extra space for souvenirs or other keepsakes you find on your journey.

Have a carry-on travel tip we missed? Please educate us in the comments below.


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