44 Uses for Leather Backpacks

Published on 06/28/2017

  • 44 Uses for Leather Backpacks

Hands down, leather is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. There is no other natural textile that is fashionable, functional and long-lasting.

Think about it. Look around you at all the items that are made of leather. If you’re like most people, you’ll likely notice for the first time just how much leather you own and rely on each day. Belts, watch straps, shoes, shoelaces, backpacks, purses, baseball gloves, basketballs, book covers, iPhone cases, wallets and so many other things around you were all crafted from leather.

Leather is a material people seek out with intention. It’s strong. It withstands the elements. It’s meant to last.

Leather backpacks are not only trendy these days, but also a functional tool that have many more uses than the average dime store canvas backpack you replace each year.

The backpack is the go-to bag of choice for many for a reason.

We’ve been watching our friends, clients, family members and acquaintances on social media and here’s what people are carrying in their leather backpack:

  1. Camera and tripod

  2. Diapers, baby wipes, and baby toys

  3. Gym clothes

  4. Airport carry-on supplies

  5. School books, papers, pens and pencils

  6. Hiking snacks and trekking poles

  7. Hunting equipment

  8. Groceries

  9. Bike tools, spare tire, and water for cycling trips

  10. Files, computer, and tablet for work

  11. Clothes and necessities for weekend trip

  12. Books from the library

  13. Laptop

  14. Trick-or-Treat candy

  15. Towel, sunscreen, and beach toys

  16. Wallet, keys, and everyday carry items

  17. Music stand, sheet music and necessities for band gig

  18. Tools for job

  19. GPS receiver, printed maps, and brochures for hiking trip

  20. Bivy sack, clothes, and supplies for camping

  21. Makeup, keys and credit cards

  22. Soccer ball, extra socks, and cleats for practice

  23. Puppy snacks and water for dog’s obedience training class

  24. Gloves, rain jacket, tent and other gear for motorcycle trips

  25. Snacks and games for afternoons in the park

  26. Tackle box, extra reels, and hat for fishing outings

  27. Board games, snacks, and activities for kids when flying the friendly skies

  28. Reading material and tokens for subway

  29. Water, wet wipes and extra clothes for afternoon at playground

  30. Passport wallet, travel maps and hotel reservation info for vacations

  31. iPad and coloring books for road trips with kids

  32. Deck of playing cards, Cribbage board and drinks for night with the guys

  33. Change of clothes for after-work events

  34. Workout clothes for gym

  35. Extra gloves and tools for snowmobile trips

  36. Laptop, wallet, and notebooks for coffee shop outings

  37. Wine, sandwiches, and fruit for picnic outing

  38. Tablet, projector, and files for work presentation

  39. Karate uniform and protection equipment

  40. Clothes and necessities for overnight trips

  41. Smartphone, makeup, mints, and goodies for night out

  42. Everything that used to fit in my purse

  43. Packages and letters that need to be mailed at the post office

  44. Hats, mittens, and poles for snowshoeing

Why the backpack? It’s so much easier and healthier to carry weight evenly distributed on your shoulders than it is to carry heavy bags, packages, clothing, groceries and more in your hands or slung over your shoulder.


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