Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Original Dad

Published on 06/05/2017

  • Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Original Dad

Sonora Dodd first conceived the idea of honoring fathers with their own special day while listening to a Mother's Day sermon in early 1909. Ms. Dodd was desperate for a way to celebrate the life and accomplishments of her widowed father, the man who had unselfishly and single-handedly raised her and her five siblings. A year later, Spokane, Washington Mayor proclaimed June 17, 1910, as the very first Father's Day. President Lyndon Johnson would, in 1966, designate the third Sunday of every June as the day set aside to honor fathers, unofficially. President Nixon then turned that idea into a nationwide official holiday in 1972 when he signed the day into history as public law.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide this month, though not always on the same day of year. And while ties have become synonymous with Father’s Day in many families, most dads would prefer a more practical gift that they can actually use.

Still searching for the perfect gift that will put a smile on Dad's face this year? These original gift ideas will brighten any dad’s day, no matter what he’s into.

For the casual dad

The laid-back dad is the man you can turn to in good times and bad. He’s calm and caring--an even keel sort of guy--who takes life as it comes, never seeming to fret about anything. This is the guy who’s just as comfortable in board shorts as he is in the boardroom.

 Casual dads will genuinely appreciate being remembered in any way on Father’s Day but will find their sweet spot in a handcrafted Cool Leather backpack. Our handsome handmade rucksacks come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your easygoing pops wherever his day takes him.

Especially for the organized dad

Organized dads are those often underappreciated men who are always on time, work equally hard in the office as they do at keeping their family together, and seem to micromanage everything from household capital to sandcastle building. This on-top-of-his-game parent is a perfect fit for our hand-stitched messenger bag, a hand-sewn leather iPhone wallet or our popular super thin leather bifold wallet.

Your world traveling dad is going to love these ideas

If your old man is an always-on-the-move globetrotting kind of fellow that rarely shows his age, we have something to appease his adventurous nature, too. Take a look at our Weekender travel bag, leather passport wallet or our leather travel kit with hanger.

Even though Father’s Day is celebrated on different days at different times of the year in many countries, the meaning is the same: to show your appreciation for the most important man in your life. Make this the year you give dear old dad a gift he will truly treasure.




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