The Perfect Bag is the One You Can Use Everywhere

Published on 04/26/2017

  • The Perfect Bag is the One You Can Use Everywhere

The average person spends more money shopping than they do on education. Scary thought, isn’t it?

One of our many excesses includes the purchase of numerous portable storage bags. These bags may include purses, messenger bags, backpacks, totes, slings, suitcases, and briefcases. Why do we have so many bags instead of buying one that could serve as an all-purpose carryall? That’s a good question.

Take a good look at your bag purchases

We want you to stop reading for a moment and mentally gather all the bags you own around you. How many of these items have you used more than once in the last year? How many bags have gone without attention for more than two years? Shocking, right?

Why do we hold on to things that no longer serve us?

We own too much stuff

In general, most of us own too much stuff. As consumers, we gravitate toward deals. If something is on sale and there’s even a remote chance we’ll use the sale-priced item, we don’t want to miss out. We make a purchase we often times later regret. There’s even a term for this behavior: buyer's remorse.

Similarly, some of us have a difficult time letting things go. We may hang on to things that we might need in the future. This trend toward excess means that some of us have our garages so filled with consumer goods that our cars don’t fit inside. Others may rent storage lockers to house belongings that don’t fit in the garage or house.

Can you relate?

There’s a better way

Freeing up your possessions also frees up your time, budget, and life. No longer must you spend weekends cleaning, organizing and straightening up the house. When you own less, there’s less to care for, and that equals more free time, more money in savings, and less worry and stress.

The perfect bag

Simply stated, the perfect bag is the one that you can use everywhere. Whether you’re going to work, the gym, on a road trip or you’re off the airport, the ideal bag will work well. It will fit in. It will serve your every need.

The bag of your dreams may not be the same as my ideal bag. For some, it will be a messenger bag, others will find joy in a backpack, and some might see the duffel bag as their answer.

It doesn’t matter which type of bag you own as long as it fits you and your lifestyle, and it’s built to last. After all, part of our problem with excess is that we buy cheap things that are constantly breaking down or wearing out. Invest in high-quality goods and you can take yourself out of that cycle.

When you downsize your life, you upsize your budget and also minimize the damage done to the earth and its resources each year through excessive consumption. To us, that’s a win!


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