Here's How To Spring Clean Your Leather

Published on 03/23/2017

  • Here's How To Spring Clean Your Leather

Spring and cleaning have the unfortunate reputation of going hand-in-hand. This is the season when we first crack our windows and also the time of year we wash windows, sweep decks, and tackle all those chores that were neglected or set aside during the cold season.

Before you put your leather backpack, wallet, messenger bag or other items to work for the warmer months, you’ll want to shake off the winter dust and debris and get it ready for the warmer season ahead.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you on this one! In three simple steps, here’s how to spring clean your favorite leather goods.

Step 1: Shake off the winter blues

Dirt and dust settle on things whether you notice it or not. Your end table is evidence of that. You run a dust rag or cleaning cloth over your fine furniture and you’ll want to do the same to your leather.

Grab a clean, soft cloth and wipe or brush off your leather, giving a little extra attention to the nooks and crannies. If you notice a dirt or dust buildup you can’t reach or don’t want to wipe into the leather, use a can of compressed air or soft-bristled brush to help power away the yuck.

Step 2: Clean and condition

Spring is a good season to deep clean leather and condition it for the more humid months of the year. You can do this with any over-the-counter leather cleaner. Apply a thin layer of cleaner-conditioner to a soft rag and gently wipe your leather clean using a circular motion.

For tougher set-in stains, follow these instructions to deep clean.

Step 3: Dry

Now that the air has warmed you can safely place your leather goods outside to air dry if you like. Do your best to keep your leather out of direct sunlight. If you want to dry your leather inside, go for it.

Some leathers take longer to air dry than others so be patient, and never use a hair dryer, clothes dryer, or heating lamp to try and speed up the process.


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