4 Free Travel Apps to Get You Where You're Going

Published on 02/18/2017

  • 4 Free Travel Apps to Get You Where You're Going

The number one reason most claim they don’t travel more is lack of time. We get it. Planning takes time. And lots of it.

You use your smartphone to play games, watch videos and keep up with friends on Facebook, right? Why not also use it to quickly plan a trip so you can get get out there and explore the world. Yes, there’s an app for that.

Plan your trip like a pro

Planning is in the details. Gone are the days when you need to phone in a hotel reservation, search an atlas for interesting places to go, or keep a paper notebook with a travel itinerary. Today, there are smartphone and tablet apps that can keep your plans together in one place so you can concentrate on relaxing.

These apps will keep your reservations in one convenient place, show you what’s nearby your travel stops, and save you time by organizing your trip for you.

  • Google AndroidTrips keeps all your reservations within its friendly app, displays interesting things to do near your destination, and helps you plan your trip from beginning to end.Available free for Android and Apple devices, and also on the web.

  • TripIt is an all-in-one app for travel itineraries, storing travel documents and sharing travel plans with work or family members. TripIt Basic is free for Android and iOS users.

  • TripCase acts like a briefcase for your most important travel plans. Perfect for frequent flyers, TripCase keeps your reservations and ideas in one place, helps you view flight information and make last-minute changes to those plans, plus share your trip with others. TripCase if free for Apple and Android.

  • Minube not only helps you plan your trip down to the very last detail, but also saves your memories along the way into beautiful travel albums. Use Minube to find local attractions, choose travel dates and routes, store travel guides, and discover new destinations near your planned vacation. Minube is free for Apple and Android fans.

Now that you have more time on your hands, where will your next trip take you?


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