Enjoy Travel More With These DIY Travel Hacks

Published on 01/18/2017

  • Enjoy Travel More With These DIY Travel Hacks

One of the most common regrets of adults everywhere is not traveling more. Parents bemoan the very thought of vacations with small children, those who are single worry about boredom and safety while on the road, and others have just plain forgotten how traveling opens your heart and mind a little more with every new experience.

Whether you’re taking a family road trip, buying a ticket to visit your aunt in Chicago or going on a solo backpacking venture, these time-tested travel hacks can help ease you on your journey.

Carry a unique bag

Standard luggage is pretty uniform looking these days, which means that the odds of mixing up your carry-on or suitcase with someone else on your flight or backpacking trip is high.

You can avoid the trouble of losing your luggage by traveling with a bag that stands out from the crowd. Even if your backpack goes missing, it’s easier to locate a travel bag that easy to identify.

Roll your clothes, don’t fold

Folding your clothes at home when you put them away in a dresser is fine but it’s not ideal when traveling.

Roll your clothes and you will avoid wrinkles and save space in your carry-on or suitcase.

Use everyday objects as DIY travel containers

Stay away from cheaply made and overpriced travel storage containers and use items you already have around the house instead. For example:

  • Glasses cases can hold charging cables and earbuds.

  • Wrapping jewelry in individual sheets of plastic wrap keeps chains from tangling.

  • Used prescription bottles can hold cotton swabs, bandages and more.

  • Pill containers keep earring sets separated and organized.

Put a dryer sheet in your luggage

Stacking a dryer sheet between outfits or tucked inside a pair of shoes keeps static down and freshens up your clothes and shoes.

Store breakables inside other things

No need to go overboard with bubble wrap or packing containers. Instead, store breakable items inside socks, sweaters or other bulkier items.

Bring a scarf, no matter the weather

Heavy scarves like the popular infinity scarf can be used for many different things while traveling, cutting down the number of items you need to pack. Wear the scarf on the plane if you’re flying and then put it to work as a:

  • Blanket

  • Towel

  • Travel pillow

  • Head scarf

  • Belt

  • Fashion statement

Make your own travel mask

Getting enough shut-eye is important! Sometimes that’s hard to do on a well-lit plane or in a car in the middle of the day.

Solve this problem by making your own travel mask.

Don’t put your wallet in your back pocket

Storing your wallet in your back pocket invites injury and pickpockets, neither of which you want to encounter while going on a vacation.

Store your wallet in your front pocket only.

Always use a toiletry bag

Nobody likes shampoo spills, searching for mascara on the bottom of a backpack or disorganization.

Fix this travel woe by purchasing a quality toiletry bag that can remain at-the-ready or used daily, even when at home.

Bring your own snacks

Gas stations snacks are outlandishly priced and so are treats at the airport. You’ll save a bit of money and eat healthier by packing your own snacks.

Pocket your entertainment

Keeping kids (and yourself) entertained during long trips is easier when toys, games, electronics, and decks of cards are always on hand.

Save precious travel bag space by storing small toys, games and cards in cargo pant pockets, jacket pockets and in the exterior pockets of backpacks and travel bags.

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