Get Naked: Set Your Technology Free

Published on 10/28/2016

  • Get Naked: Set Your Technology Free

You may not know this but your smartphone, e-reader and tablet were never meant to be kept hidden in a case. Those protective coverings you spend so much money on trying to keep your technology out of harm’s way can actually cause more problems than the ones they claim to solve.

Here’s how you can protect your tech without putting everything in another ugly case.

Your technology was meant to be nude

Steve Jobs famously carried his iPhone unprotected in his front pocket right next to his keys and coins just to make sure the device would not be scratched when it came in contact with items you frequently keep in your own pockets. When the iPhone didn’t pass the scratch test, it was sent back to the design team to be reworked. This is how we ended up with some of today’s leading technologies-- like Gorilla Glass-- a type of toughened glass made to be crack and scratch resistant.

From an aesthetics standpoint, look at the craftsmanship went into the beauty of that device you rely on daily. Do you really think designers slaved away perfecting every corner and button and bezel just so that you could cover it all up behind a thick case for the next year or two? And when you bought that phone, tell me you weren’t thinking “Wow, this is going to look so cool in my new case!”

Your technology was meant to be naked when in use.

The case against cases

Protective cases that hug your phone or tablet 24/7 come with risks, cons, and drawbacks that aren’t talked about often enough. Among them:

  • They add bulk. Your phone was made to be light and easy to handle. That is why you chose it, right? Cases add unnecessary weight and heft. Who wants to return to the days of a Nokia brick phone?

  • They may cause overheating. Many cases on the market today can cause your phone or tablet to overheat when in use, while charging, or in warm weather because they trap the heat your smartphone gives off between the device housing and the case. That’s like putting bubble wrap around your car’s engine and it expecting it not to overheat while you drive.

  • Incompatible with accessories. Things like charging docks and cables, lens kits, and even headphone cords don’t often play nice with cases.

  • They can damage your technology. Dust, hair, lint, sand, dirt and other debris can (and frequently do) get lodged under protective cases and covers, scratching screens, building up on sensors, and doing damage behind the scenes that you fail to notice until you remove the case.

  • Hard to clean. Cases come with rubber bumpers, textured backs and grooved sides that are nearly impossible to clean. And let’s not get started about how difficult it is to remove your phone from its case when you need to clean it.

  • They’re ugly. We’re not the only ones to feel that way.

Free your phone and protect it at the same time

You can still protect your phone when traveling about without cloaking it in an unsightly case.

You pack your clothes and belongings in leather suitcases and backpacks and messenger bags when you hit the road, and you can do the same for technology.
Leather sleeves and pouches for Kindles and tablets and leather wallets for phones give your devices the ultimate in protection without sacrificing their natural beauty. You simply slide the phone or tablet out easily from a sleeve or wallet when you use it, and slide it back in when you hit the road. What could be easier?
Isn’t it time you went au naturel?


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