October is Fair Trade Month

Published on 10/21/2016

  • October is Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month, and the time we shine a light on good business practices, ethical companies, and shoppers who are doing their part to better the world they live in.

Don’t know much about fair trade?

Just what is fair trade?

Fair trade is defined simply as fair prices paid to producers in developing countries. More broadly, it means that everyone along the food chain in the production of your new backpack or wallet is guaranteed fair wages for the work they’ve done.

Fair trade began as a social movement to counteract the immense amount of unfair business practices employed by major brands, companies, and labels. As theHuffington Post reported in August 2016, nearly 60 percent of countries around the world are at risk of using slave labor along their supply chain.

By contrast, fair trade seeks to pay everyone for their time equally, and with fair wages.

How you can make a habit of buying fair trade

If you take the time to look, you’ll find that fair trade products are all around you. Instead of buying a poorly made wallet put together by underpaid and underage workers, you can invest in a high-quality leather wallet made by artisans who are properly compensated for their time and knowledge.

How do you do that?

Say ‘no’ to bad business practices

CareerAddict.com recently published a report of 10 popular brands that employ slave labor. They are far from the only businesses that are taking advantage of others. Hundreds of other brands also abuse the time and resources of the impoverished to make a profit.

By refusing to purchase products made using slave labor you can help put an end to the cycle of abuse.

Ask for fair trade options locally

If you don’t see fair trade options in your local grocery store, corner market or department store, ask for them.

Change begins only when we find a voice to speak up.

Give fair trade gifts

You can help spread the word about fair trade by choosing to refuse to support bad business practices and by purchasing fair trade gifts for loved ones.

Your dollars invested help others get ahead, and your gift may open the eyes of others to the abuse going on around them.

Research purchases before investing

When making purchases big and small, use a search engine to find out if you’re unknowingly about to purchase something made by an unethical brand. Search engines can also help you find alternatives to your favorite brands and businesses.

Talk about fair trade

Now that you’re a convinced ethical shopper, tell others about your decision to invest wisely in the future.

Celebrate freedom and vote with your dollars by choosing fair trade every month of the year. Because every purchase you make matters.


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