How Leather Backpacks Protect Your Stuff Better Than Canvas

Published on 01/24/2016

  • How Leather Backpacks Protect Your Stuff Better Than Canvas

Materials matter. When was the last time you went in search of low quality man-made material pumps to match your favorite dress? Probably never, right? And have you ever sought out a cheap plastic belt to compliment your most comfortable pair of khakis? Of course not. Would you ever store your $2,000 gaming computer in a shed with a leaky roof? Another absurd thought. Because materials matter. When you invest in a high quality product you want to protect it and care for it as best you can. If you’re toting your tech goods around in a canvas or nylon knapsack you just might be putting them at risk. Here are a few reasons why.

How canvas and nylon backpacks fail you

Canvas and nylon backpacks have come in and out of favor in the last 20 years. Canvas is perfectly suited to carry your child’s books and lunch to school, but not ideal at cushioning your MacBook. Nylon, another man-made material seen in backpacks these days, is mostly used by sporting types. Nylon bags can easily handle the weight of your dirty gym clothes, but aren’t suitable for keeping your new tablet free of scratches and dings. Why?

  • Canvas is prone to rot when it gets wet.

  • Both nylon and canvas rip.

  • Canvas wears unevenly, especially when exposed to the elements.

  • Nylon and canvas fray.

  • Man-made textiles absorb odors.

  • Fabrics like nylon and canvas break down over time.

What are your prized goods made from?

Take a moment and think about the things you own that have been able to withstand years of use, even abuse, and still function as intended. It’s likely that many of those items on your list include goods made from all-natural leather. And it isn’t just you that prefers and sees the value of leather, professionals and those serious about taking care of themselves and their possessions also turn to leather.

  • Leather couches are valued for their durability.

  • Leather work boots cushion the hardworking feet of construction workers and farmers.

  • Leather chaps keep ranchers safe.

  • Motorcyclists dress in heavy leathers to guard against injury.

  • A bicycle saddle made of leather often outlives the bike on which it sits.

  • Dog collars and leads are made of leather due to their strength.

  • Women favor strong, stable stylish leather purses.

  • Leather shoes always beat out synthetics, and are healthier for your feet and the environment.

  • Leather cowboy boots are a must for ranchers and farmers.

  • Leatherbound books are considered priceless because they last forever.

  • Businessmen trust leather briefcases and bags to carry important documents and equipment.

  • Boxing gloves are made from leather.

  • Leather hats are worn for protection from the elements and for their longevity.

  • Baseballs are made of leather and can withstand being hit by a wooden bat repeatedly.

You get the idea. When we need serious strength, the ultimate in protection and a timeless look, we turn to leather.

How leather works overtime to protect your stuff

Man-made materials are cheap to manufacture. Unfortunately, the quality is also generally inferior to all-natural goods. A leather belt can last for years, even a lifetime, while an imitation leather belt is lucky to make it a few months before it begins to crack.

In the same way that a leather jacket, pants and boots hug motorcycle rider’s skin, protecting him from the elements and injury, leather rucksacks provide an invisible shield of protection to those valuable tools you carry around with you everyday. How exactly will leather protect your belongings better than canvas or nylon?

Leather stretches.  Unlike other materials that can rip and tear under heavy weight, leather gives under pressure, bending and expanding when it needs to. That means that things like leather backpack straps stretch when you need them to, but hold their shape well enough to bounce back.

Leather bends. You can crinkle it up in the bottom of your locker, crumple it in the trunk of your car and even drag it across the ground and a leather backpack will bend but never crease, fall apart or break.

Leather is tough.  Some of the most physically demanding jobs and sports in the world rely on leather accessories to keep them safe. Leather provides a superb layer of protection between the elements, other objects, and your expensive goods.

Leather is naturally resilient. Unlike other materials, leather is not flammable, does not rot, is not prone to sun damage, never contains chemical sprays or waxes, doesn’t absorb odors, and can repel water and snow and anything else you throw at it.

Leather lasts forever. There’s a reason why parents buy new canvas backpacks for their kids at the start of each school year, and that’s because canvas simply doesn’t hold up well over time. While other backpacks fade, rip and fray, leather wears evenly and seemingly lasts forever.

Leather. Because materials matter.


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