Give Your iPhone the Protection and Class it Deserves

Published on 12/29/2015

  • Give Your iPhone the Protection and Class it Deserves

Whether you’re rocking an iPhone 5 or the classy new iPhone 6, that technological lifeline of yours needs protection. Naked phones may look sexy, but the slippery all-metal design of Apple smartphones make them accidents waiting to happen. Silicone, plastic and rubber cases and bumpers offer some protection against drops and dings, but they’re all prone to scratch, leaving your beautiful device hidden behind a marred up case. Leather, on the hand, only gets more beautiful with age while giving your sleek device the ultimate in protection. If you’re on the hunt for something to shield your iPhone from harm, there are four reasons smart reasons leather should always be your go-to material of choice.

Leather gets better looking with time

If you’ve ever seen a child’s plastic toy after a few month’s worth of use you know that molded plastics have a short shelf life when it comes to longevity and looks. Plastic products don’t hold up well under most circumstances, which leads them to becoming covered with non-repairable nicks, cuts, and deep scratches. Plastic also tends to lose color over time, so the plastic case you buy today may not be the case you ultimately end up with down the road. Not so with leather. In contrast to silicone, rubber and plastics, all-natural leather only gets better looking with time. Leather ages gracefully, giving you a unique look all your own.

Leather is naturally thin and light

The slim profile of the leather iPhone wallet makes it a breeze to put in your back pocket, gym bag, briefcase, suit pocket, or anywhere else it needs to travel. And it always looks good and fits in in any environment.  Unlike cases and wallets made of synthetic materials, leather is naturally thin and light, adding no weight to your phone and almost nothing in the way of bulk.

Leather goes well with everything

When picking out a plastic case, we almost always focus on its color and style, wanting it to look svelte in professional as well as casual settings. Because that’s a near impossible task, many of us take to buying several phone cases meant to serve us in different situations. There’s no need to hoard cases when it comes to leather because it goes well with everything.

Rugged, yet luxurious

Real leather offers up a type of premium protection that plastic-based cases and pleather phone wallets simply cannot match. Natural leather absorbs falls and bumps without becoming marred with scratches and dents and fingerprints. Leather is naturally rugged, offers a better grip than forgoing a case altogether, yet it’s luxurious on the eyes and fingers.

What’s holding you back from getting a beautiful, minimal leather iPhone wallet?


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