4 Qualities of the Perfect Weekend Travel Bag

Published on 06/05/2015

Traveling brings with it certain challenges that we rarely face during our day-to-day lives at home. First, there’s the question of just how much to pack when going away. Do you take only what you think you will need on a weekend excursion or should you throw in a few “just in case” extras? Second, and more importantly, what type of luggage is sturdy enough to protect and keep your clothes clean and dry, big enough to carry all your must-haves, yet portable enough to not weigh you down on your relaxing getaway?

In most cases, a gym bag or backpack just doesn’t cut it when spending a few days away from the comforts of home. You need something versatile to take you from the airport to a Bed and Breakfast to a cabin in the woods, or wherever your journey may take you. We think these are the four qualities of a perfect travel bag.

It must be durable

More than anything, you need a carryall that’s as adventurous as you are. A sturdy suitcase works well on long treks but is too heavy and bulky for weekend jaunts. You want a bag that can easily go from one destination to another, all while standing up to the rigors of your active lifestyle, not to mention airport security.

It must be portable, yet roomy

Your favorite weekender bag is one you can throw over your shoulder, under an airplane seat or in the trunk of a car with ease. It also needs to be large enough to hold and organize all of your packables-- including clothes, electronic devices and valuables-- yet stylish enough to go wherever you do.

It should stand out

Ever tried to find your look-alike suitcase on an airport luggage carousel? The first rule of simple travel is to use a bag that stands out from the crowd without being gaudy. AirSafe.com recommends a customized bag for easier travel, something fashionable that is every bit as unique as you are, and can be easily be recognized and grabbed so that you can get on with the fun.

It better be comfortable

It doesn’t matter where your weekend plans take you. A bag that isn’t comfortable to carry or move from place to place can slow you down and turn a relaxing weekend into a tiresome trip. Wouldn’t you rather have sore muscles because of an exciting scuba diving adventure rather than because your over-the-shoulder bag was digging into your collarbone?

At Cooleather.com, we’re big fans of simple, luxurious products that can go anywhere and do anything. Our Weekender Bag is naturally lightweight and outfitted with comfortable straps and carrying handles. Handmade from genuine cowhide leather, the Weekender Bag can stand up to the rigors of travel and still look good at the cabin or on a business outing. The fabric-lined interior keeps your belongings out of harm’s way, plus helps keep your goods free from dirt and dust. We think you’ll like our Weekender Duffle so much that it will quickly become your take anywhere bag. Check it out here.


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